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'Secrets and Wives' Q&A: From Lipsticks to Lasers

The wives dish on what makes a Long Island lady, their craziest nights together and life after divorce. What does being a Long Island lady mean to you -- and how do you represent your home town?

Susan Doneson:  Being a Long Island lady means rolling with the social scene and its ups and downs, taking an interest in all that's going on, and being a supportive and attentive friend when you can.

I'd describe myself as a creative and driven hard-working girl during the week and a beach-loving social girl on the weekend. Always a caring mom, always a loving wife.

Amy Miller: There is a comfort about Long Island, it's so familiar. I have all my roots here. Most of us feel this way -- that's why we don't leave. I represent my home town by trying to be real and not the typical stereotype it brings. I'm down to earth and relatable! 

Andi Black: A Long Island lady is a mom first, strong and loyal, keeps herself in great shape and can multitask. 

Liza Sandler: A Long Island lady is all about her kids and family. And she never forgets to count her puppies as children! It’s all about staying in shape and looking stylish -- while handling carpool, chauffeuring kids to their activities, arranging play dates, and making fabulous dinner plans. A Long Island lady is also invested in her charity work. I’m true to my hometown by staying true to my hometown friends and putting my girls before everything else!

Cori Goldfarb: A Long Island lady is A LOT of things -- lipsticks to lasers is the motto we abide by, glamorous and always on point! Our friends are like our family and no matter what, through thick and thin, we would never let each other walk alone. You better believe we get protective, you don’t want to mess with a tight knit LI group. Everywhere I go I represent my town, Long Island women are obsessive about beauty and I'm no exception, in my case if I look good then I feel good, no matter where I am!

Gail Greenberg: I really represent Long Island because I live there, I don’t do everything that everybody does, but everybody’s an individual. I wake up, I deal with my children, I work out, I go to my husband’s office, I do stuff with him, I pick up the kids. If I’m lucky I have lunch – if I’m really lucky I have lunch with a friend. And then homework. Driving the kids around -- you know baseball games, basketball games, soccer games, whatever I do. Dinner. Sleep. Repeat -- times five. I look forward to the weekends.

A Day in the Life of a North Shore Woman What’s the craziest thing you’ve done with your girlfriends over the years? 

SD: The craziest things have to be memories of when I was 17 and sneaking into night clubs like Studio 54 with fake IDs. Those were fun and fancy-free teen days. And of course, filming this first season has been quite a crazy ride...

AM: I don't feel we do anything really crazy or really have. Fun is one thing we have, celebrated so many birthdays anniversaries and even partied together in clubs when we were right out of high  school...Dancing till no one was left standing but us! We just have such a great time when we are in a room. 

AB: Liza and I went to Miami years ago and met two French guys Philippe and Philippe who were hysterically funny and took us to dinner and dancing. One of them got up at dinner and sang R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly." We laughed so hard we cried. Every so often we break out in that song imitating his voice. Hahaha.

LS: As a matter of fact, we broke out singing it today in the car ride to the city. We were completely hysterical laughing. Hahahaha!

CG: I do remember our trip to Fire Island! To those who may not know, let’s just say that it is a popular destination for men who don’t play for my team! Well, we had to make our own entertainment and somehow we ended up in a fashion show contest and I WON! I got votes my thanks to my crazy dance moves.

GG: Maybe going to Fire Island with Liza [laughs]. That was the craziest thing I’ve ever done. What is one thing we need to know about your circle of friends? 

SD: The one thing you need to know about my group of friends is that there is much more than first appears. The first season is like a flower where each episode has its opening and revealing a bit more. Don't let outward appearances and first impressions fool you -- come back for more and be truly surprised!

AM: We are very protective of one another and each other's children. 

AB: My circle of friends are incredibly loyal and if not for them (especially Liza) I would definitely NOT be in the great place I am in my life and I wouldn't have had the strength to get through some of the hardest times in my life.

LS: We’re a very real group of women. We are real friends, with real feelings. My circle of friends isn’t boring either! We’re a unique bunch, with a very strong bond. We stand by each other and try to support each other unconditionally. Honesty is important and we try to be real with each other and address each other straight up when we’re getting our feelings hurt. 

CG: First off, there are no secrets between us, not because we choose to but it’s just a fact that everyone’s business is out in the open! We have essentially grown up with each other and despite knowing whose dated who and whose talked about who, at the end of the day we know that there is a strong friendship within our group. We know what really matters and that is our friendship -- remembering that helps us all to work past all the petty nonsense that we deal with. 

GGThat we’re all real people with real issues and real life scenarios and we’re not untouchable. Hopefully people -- specific people -- relate to specific characters and we will be able to touch that person. Maybe they can look forward and say "You know what, maybe life isn’t so bad after divorce." Whatever their issue is, they can relate to somebody and feel good about themselves and feel empowered.


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