5 LOL-Worthy Bravolebrity Pranks

5 LOL-Worthy Bravolebrity Pranks

Remember the glitter bomb?

By Andrew Herrmann

In honor of Reza Farahan's seemingly neverending parade of pranks during the Shahs of Sunset camping trip, we've put together our picks for the most memorable, hilarious, and down right bizarre gags ever. Because no one knows how to pull off an over-the-top prank quite like our Bravolebs. 

5. #MDLLA: Josh Altman Gets Glitter Bombed

Note to self, don't piss off Josh Flagg.

4. #FlippingOut: Bank Robbers?

Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos got their hands on some ski masks, so the next logical step was obviously to search for a bank.

3. #Shahs: The Mystery Smell

Reza's use of "liquid a--" in the middle of the RV trip nearly got all of the Shahs arrested.

2. #RHOD: Party Pooper

LeAnne Locken may have hated Brandi Redmond's poop-themed hat, but she was even less amused by finding a fake turd on her chair.

1. #Flipping Out: A Spicy Tuna Hand Job

You'll just have to watch this one...

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