Asa, The Bikini Genie

Asa, The Bikini Genie

Asa is sorry for calling MJ a pill popper at dinner.

Still in Cabo with the crew!

I 100 percent am owning to the fact that it was wrong to call MJ "a pill popper" in that setting. I am genuinely concerned for my friend. But as I said in my last blog, I actually had NO idea that this was such a sensitive subject and that she would be defensive to the point that she was. She called me every disgusting name in the book.

I am beginning to realize that MJ has a real problem and that she needs help and that it is stupid to argue with her like that. I did learn a good lesson.

I am going to send her love and light and take all the ugly things she says to me/about me with a grain of salt.

On a lighter note: The yacht was so much fun. I am always the Bikini Genie. Haha. Sun, fun, and small bikinis!!!

And the club was Epique. We danced ALL night! I literally need to throw that caramel silk jumper out after that night. Haha

This was such a memorable trip filled with amazing memories and also some great life lessons.

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