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GG Should Look at Her Life

Asa shares how hard it was to drop her "real estate hussle" and comments on GG and Omid's out-of-line behavior.

By Asa Soltan Rahmati

I'm back in my house lovers!!!

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What you don't see is that I had been up all night packing boxes, then dealing with movers at 7 am, and moving all my things into my house.

My black fanny pack is cracking me up, but I needed it to keep all essentials in one place, you know phone, keys, money, etc.

It was so awesome to have my Boo Reza come through on my move in day to bless my house with me. Plus it was perfect to give him the very first tour of my house, especially because we share a passion for design, architecture, and the fine details to all things beautiful. Only my Boi Reza would notice all the little details that I obsessed about when I was designing the house with my architects, like the kind of marble, the Japanese TOTO bidet, the custom smooth modern exterior stucco, the movie projector, the fruiting olive tree, etc. . .I live for this stuff.

While I'm in bliss being in here, financially I am in a kray-zee place. I'm taking a really great risk by getting rid of my tenants and moving into the front house, which has been my main income for the last few years. This move is very symbolic to me though: I'm leaving the back house and moving into the front house. Stepping up my game and putting all my chips in! I'm ALL IN and cannot afford to lose. If you don't risk big you don't win big. I am basically getting rid of my "real estate hu$$le" and throwing myself into a gladiator arena of mandatory financial survival. In short, RIDE OR DIE.It's really hard for me to watch the scenes with MJ and her Mom. I'm used to my mom, who is literally the most selfless person you've ever met. She's completely loving and nurturing, and there is not one thing she wouldn't do for my brother and I. Hearing MJ's mom say she would rather put a needle in her eye than go on a vacation with her daughter. . .Wow. I guess MJ has had to find humor in her mom's cruel and abusive behavior towards her, but I find her mom's behavior completely unacceptable.

I'm proud of Mike for wanting to learn how to succeed from somebody who he looks up to.

GG and her sister talking about their business. Let's keep it real, GG is not really working. They have partnered up with an extension company, that already makes extensions. So, already there hardly any work to be done as far as manufacturing or developing the product. And whatever else there is left as far as work and responsibility, I'm pretty sure her sister is doing. And who in the world talks to their nine-months-pregnant sister like this and calls her a b---- for telling her the way it is. Time to look at your life.

GG has never taken responsibility for a single thing in life, including her foul behavior. I mean. . .you're 30 years old, completely clueless, and proud of it.

This lunch at MJ's uncle's house is absolutely horrific to watch. I don't even know where to start. I have no words for MJ's ,om. She is unbelievably horrific. MJ's mom is utterly self absorbed and I can't stand the way she treats MJ. How can a mother check her lipstick in the knife while her daughter is crying? I really hope therapy can help them. . .

The Michael Costello meeting was interesting. We are good friends and have mad love for each others work. I was so excited when he asked me to perform at his couture fashion show in New York Fashion Week! Here we are with his money people talking $. Um, how is his "money person" calling me into a meeting and wants to talk $ without ever seen with my work? Anyway I was pretty proud of myself for asking for what I wanted and handling the whole situation and meeting really well. We are probably going to come to a happy medium between my 15K and her 10K.

So, I put this beautiful dinner together at a gorgeous restaurant in Beverly Hills with rose petals on the table etc to get the crew together and share my exciting news about performing at New York Fashion Week. I'm so happy Reza brought his new friend/client Lilly. Lilly is a great addition to our Persian family. We just met and I already love her! She is beautiful inside and out. We connected from the very beginning and I'm definitely looking forward to getting to know her better.

The usual suspects can't handle their liquor and start slurring, stumbling, and getting cross eyed. I can't believe how difficult it was to make my toast and tell everybody about New York Fashion Week. I mean really?

I like big Persian noses because I'm proud of our beautiful features. It's so rare these days to meet a Persian who keeps it real with his/her Persian features. It's so rare that I even started a photo series in 2004 called "Persian Noses," in which I take profile portraits of great Persian noses to document our beautiful Persian features before they are totally torn out and extinct.

So, I told Omid that I loved his big Persian nose and toasted to it. It was a toast to Persianity. I'm raw and I tell it like it is.

Then I realized that 90 percent of this table had had nose jobs so I think they felt more insulted than Omid did bc I “indirectly” called them out. I have nothing against plastic surgery but do love Persian noses and would like more Persians to be comfortable with their ethnic features.

I paid the man a compliment and toasted to him and in fact he later told me he didn't at all take what I said as an insult.

If somebody chooses to interpret this as anything else other than a compliment, it's their baggage! GG is a bigot and a bully. She is a joke. She need to stop using excuses for her disgusting behavior and foul mouth. Who calls their friend, another woman, a transvestite?

The real joke is that GG is the one with the fake nose, fake hair, fake boobs, fake lips, fake accent, etc. etc. Maybe it's been awhile since she's seen a real woman.

And I'm still lol-ing that Omid and GG said they're from the hood. Haha PLEASE. I can't. They are both so clueless. Of course, drunk-ass GG stumbles out slurring some non sense and her "friend" Omid, who has been obnoxious all night makes a very rude comment to Lilly, my friend Kathy, MJ, and myself. Talking about should he backslap us. . .Wow, who raised this person? 

On that note: I gotta roll out. This dinner was wack. This scenario is getting boring.

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