Asa's Free License

Asa's Free License

MJ thinks the whole fight could have been avoided if Asa had just considered Omid's feelings.


Episode 2 opens with GG and I taking the doggies to the Zoom Room. I'm thinking I'm gonna see GG alone, and help her fill in the blanks from the night before. I knew she wasn't going to remember everything. When you drink to that point (and yes, we all saw when I was there), it scares you straight, and forces you to curb your drinking and not let it happen again.

However, GG was really thrown aback by Asa's repeated comments about Omid's nose. We just met Omid for the first time, and Asa gave herself license to comment casually and publicly in a way that would be construed as rude by most people. We'll revisit this later in the episode.

Asa's Lunch With the Family
Zinat Khanoom's opinion represents the majority of every Persian parent on the planet: they want us to pursue a secure vocation that pays the bills and provides a comfortable life. Asa's decision to move back into the home that created income for her is a tremendous undertaking, and her mom's concern is that Asa is putting the cart before the horse.

Lilly, bless her heart. What will come out of her mouth next? It's unfortunate she was miserable practicing law, and I truly hope she'll find success and happiness in her swimsuit business. The crash course about crotch strips was very informative. But the comment about an AIDS infected liner was shameful. I hope that viewers are not misled to thinking HIV is an airborne virus. We need to spread more awareness, not ignorance.

Avoiding the Crotch Juice

I'm glad the viewers got to meet my dad because he's a big part of my daily life and I'm really glad to share that with everyone. Watching a nurturing father-daughter moment was a precious moment for me.

Reza and Lilly at Lunch
Wow, Reza, really? You're that quick to throw your friends under the bus because your new client has a nicer Rolex than yours? It's one thing to admire someone's bling, but its a WHOLE OTHER thing to admire someone ONLY for their bling. Lilly's statement, "Looking at these girls makes me realize how f---ing fabulous I am." No comment needed, it speaks for itself.

Mike and Jessica
I've never seen Mike this happy and certainly not about a person he's dating. Before Jessica, he always had a cloud of confusion about the girls he dated because he wasn't with the right girl. I think she might be the one. I'm happy for them.

Asa Takes Reza to a Psychic
LOL. Asa, takes her soulmate, Reza, to a hookah bar to meet a gypsy fortune teller, named Shohreh. Since Asa doesn't know Reza well enough, she has no idea how horrified and uncomfortable he is. When Reza thanked Asa for the surprise, what he was really thinking was, he'd rather press a button for a trap door that will dump him straight into LA sewer to get out of there.

Oy, my first therapy session. I'm glad I started seeing Dr. Michelle. Before sitting down with her, I had never ever acknowledged significant events in my childhood. I feel really fortunate to discover this. I really want to work out these trust issues that I never knew I had.

Pool Party
Reza and I get to the pool party and little did I know that he's planning to forge a partnership with Mike, between tequila shots? I wish them nothing but success, but what's the "forget MJ" all about? Just because I let him move his little desk into my corner office doesn't make us partners in business. Mixing business with pleasure became a toxic work environment. Lesson learned.

So we finally get to the Omid/GG/Asa thing. Omid did well breaking it down to Asa. He pointed out that in the context of just meeting her, her comment was simply rude and brash. It could have all ended there if Asa acknowledged that and apologized.

Asa and GG Throw Down

I know that Asa truly did not see it their way, and then we all saw how it escalated. I pulled GG back, but I was shocked it got that far. I know both girls had the best intentions to start out, but never had a meeting of the minds.

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