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Reza and MJ's Whole Lotta Lotta

Reza gives his thoughts on Persian Drake and MJ's birthday party.

By Reza Farahan

A Whole Lotta Lotta

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How yummy is my mom. Do you not just want to run up to her and like give her a kiss (mwah)? She's so frickin' cute and that's exactly where I get my sense of style, my sense of humor, and my sassy mouth from. If you don' like what I’m saying, call her. Don't text or tweet or twat or anything to me. Do it to her, cause that's where I got it from.

That wiener on GG's plate was awfully bulbous-y and like she has a really small mouth. I'm just wondering how that dinner all paned out and of she actually ate something or not. Who knows? Maybe you guys can ask her and let me know.

MJ's birthday. Wowza. We were going through a whole lotta lotta. But at least she invited me and of course I was going to go. Unfortunately I got invited at the super duper last minute so there weren't really any guys. I looked in the car as I was driving to her place. But I didn't spot any that wanted to go with me to her birthday.

The food was amazing. At least there were sliders. A typical MJ party: you know there's going to be a slider. And that Drizzle Von Schnizzle. He was moving way too fast. Like he had read some Don Juan, Casanova, Gerardo, Ricardo, Menudo, some frickin' something or another on how to like smooth talk a cougar and he just went in for the kill and she was mesmerized.

The party bus was off the chain. Mike's ass came right out. Smacked me in the eyeballs when we were driving home. Didn't expect that.

And yeah so Episode 5 was kind of crazy. I’m still not right from watching Episode 4. But I’ll be here next week hopefully and we can talk about some more s---.

Peace out. Love you guys.

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