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Reza's Underhanded Betrayal

MJ can't believe the hurtful things Reza and Asa have said about her this season.

By Mercedes MJ Javid

It's a while since I've been able to blog because frankly the UNDERHANDED betrayal I've had to watch unfold every week by Reza and Asa has been the lowest display of human interaction I've seen among my "friends." I've had to sit by (along with you, the viewers) and watch Reza spin a web of mean-spirited, deceitful lies, and rumors just to but put me down for his own gain. Since I'm catching up, I'll limit my comments to things important things, since after all, this is my life that I am living and watching be unfairly disparaged.

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After the pool party, Asa describes an "epic" event Reza missed. Asa's words speak volumes about her true colors. A genuine person wouldn't be all smiles from the pool party all the way to her re-telling it to Reza. Asa calling me "two-faced taking the side of whomever is standing next to me" is 100 percent inaccurate because everyone saw that I was standing next to BOTH of them.

Until the day I die, I will ALWAYS believe that Asa was rude to Omid at dinner AND patronizingly dismissive toward GG when GG tried to talk to her at the pool party. Also, until the day I die, I will stand firm that physical violence is unacceptable, wrong, and never a solution to a problem. This isn't an issue about taking sides, its about helping two friends resolve an issue.

Dinner at Villa Blanca. . .all I have to say about that dinner is that I was shocked and bewildered by what was said about me behind my back. Reza behaved like pure scum. I would never, nor have I have I ever, been sexual with him, and for him to think its acceptable to talk such filth to others is a low point for him. Reza should learn how to forges new friendships without stabbing the dearest one in the back. Not so long ago, he used to hate on Asa based on her appearance, and now loves Lilly because, as he repeatedly stated, is a "commission check".

We move onto the ambush at my office. Reza knows I have worked from home for the past year. He should un-glue his ass from his chair and hit the field like productive agents do. Everyone in real estate knows that agents need to be in the field to sell a house, draft an offer from anywhere, and leave the office work to the transaction coordinators. I also made it no secret to him, nor anyone about taking on less than clients than ever before; its a responsible decision and choice I made when I was taking care of a much greater, much more important matter in my life. I've proven my success to myself and I provide for myself for everything I have in my life, and I need no negative, critical feedback from a bitter, passive aggressive, Reza.

P.S.: A final thank you, (Reza) for all the digs, you try to hurt me, and you just make yourself look like an ass. I can't even make an excuse for the way you spoke behind my back in the office I invited you to work in. Shame on you, for behaving like a pig.

Today, albeit, nearly a month after all this stuff has gone down, my spirit is stronger than ever. I'm feeling thankful for facing my challenges. Therapy is improving my ability to see my life through a clearer lens and stronger sense of self awareness. My party was a truly magical night, well deserved night to share with friends.

The next day, Reza and I resolved the GG issue, from months ago. Deep, very deep down in my heart, I'll sustain the hope that Reza and I are working toward a path of mutual forgiveness.


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