Lilly's Disrespectful Behavior

Lilly's Disrespectful Behavior

Asa was shocked that Lilly lied to her about wanting to go to Turkey.

Hi Lovers! Hope everybody is doing great. I apologize for having missed a few blogs.

The Diamond Water launch was a massive success. We've been overwhelmed with orders and I have been there every day all day to make sure that you receive your packages on time! What an incredible summer it's been.

Now unto this episode of Shahs!!! I'm so excited for you all to see my art installation in tonight’s episode! Priestess at work.

It's wonderful seeing Golnesa and her sister working on their business together. I hate seeing them fight. Sisters are a blessing. I always wanted a sister. I understand that their relationship is complex and deeply sacred, and I know that one day (soon) they will be really tight again.

Soghati shopping with Rez and Merc for my family reunion in Turkey. Soghati is a gift you bring from traveling. I have a long list of cousins and other relatives in Iran that I need to get soghatis for. My Mom is the Santa Claus of Soghatis, and I'm merely her side kick when it comes to soghatis, hahaha!

I really hope everybody works out their issues before Turkey, because I don't want ANY negative energy around my family. The time with them is too precious to deal with any petty stuff. But I trust (and deeply hope) that my crew will work it out.

Merc and Reza are dressed in matching fire engine red for a day of grooming and pampering and getting ready for Turkey. That's right my goozoo, own that body! You are a beautiful woman with a voluptuous body -- rock it, honey! Mike going shopping with his mother and girlfriend. It's nice to see that the 3 of them hang out and spend quality time together. But I cannot tell if he is happy about being dominated by his mother and girlfriend in all his life decisions, including what to wear. But hey! Whatever rocks your boat!

It's crazy watching this meeting between Reza and Lilly and hearing her say she does not want to go to Turkey, because then when she called me she said it was Reza who suggested she shouldn't come. Caught in a straight lie on film.

The big day: My art show! I use a lot of self-portraiture in my work and use my own life story as a vehicle to express and explore the story of home, self, culture, displacement, and identity. We live in such interesting times of massive migrations and immigration -- a time where cultural borders are melting. I love all the new, interesting influences on each one of us culturally. I'm Persian/Iranian/German-ish/and American. What about you?

I was upstairs in the gallery preparing for my show so all the shenanigans outside are all new to me as I'm watching this. It's bizarre that Mike is dissing Reza's style because earlier when he was shopping he was praising it. Weird. I personally love Reza's suit. It's dope, unique, and he is rockin’ it! I love when people fearlessly express themselves with their personal style and are not clones of others.

I put my heart and soul and lots of hard work into my show Rumi, Nietzsche, Eazy E. Art is an experience and a portal into the artist’s soul. It's meant to trigger an emotion in you. You don't have to necessarily 'understand' it -- you can simply experience it or feel it. If you watch your close friend tell the story of her life through pictures, music, and movement, and you don't "get it" then ummm that's on you and not my problem. I was so happy to have my crew at my Debut Solo Art Exhibit (even if couple of them, didn't "get it"). It was awesomely therapeutic and I had the best time. There are actually a couple of very exciting developments that came through my exhibition that night that I cannot wait to share with you all when the time is right.

Watching Lilly lie to me about not wanting to come to Turkey was upsetting.  I invited her to include her -- as yet another attempt to salvage the last thread of connection between her and us and seeing her treat my invitation so frivolously was upsetting. From the beginning, I was open to her. She should have kept it real and just told me that she didn't want to come and not blame it on Reza then laugh in the interview about it. That was disrespectful.

Ouf, the next scene was an uncomfortable scene to watch for me because I understand and feel for all parties involved. While MJ has good intentions with helping Leila, I completely understand Golnesa's feelings too. It really hurts me to see the sisters fight. I really wish and hope that they will be able to truly trust each other again soon.

That's all for today, my babies. Hugs, kisses, and Diamond Water till next time!

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