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Persian Etiquette 101 with Asa

Asa thinks Lilly can learn a thing or two about hospitality.

By Asa Soltan Rahmati

Watching this episode, the summer suddenly feels like a very long time ago. So much has happened since then.

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I am laughing watching Reza go car shopping. We Persians are obsessed with getting the very best deal possible! And equally obsessed with not letting others (salespeople) get one over us. Ha!

It makes me happy to see Merc spend quality time with her mom. Equally, it's lovely to see Golnesa spend time with her sister. I am looking forward to see both of their relationships evolve into a better place. 

I love being with my family and I love eating delicious food. Sooooo eating delicious food with my family is one of the best things in the world. And having Reza with us just made it even better. I'm a curvy woman and love it that way. Certainly do not want to be skinny. I eat all the food that I love and definitely work out a lot to keep my physique. My mom has the worst eating habits. I feel like my whole life I have been trying to get her to eat better and be healthier. It actually has very little to do with aesthetics and everything to do with her health. At this point I will do whatever it takes to get her to eat better and exercise, hence the deal I made with her. If she can work on her health and fitness I will hook her up with whatever she wants nipped or tucked. What's hilarious though is that she says all that but my mom is 100% natural. She is talking a big game about going to Germany and having my cousin "fix" her body, but she is totally scared of any type of surgery or procedure. So we will see...

Mike and Jessica. They are very cute together.

Fast forwarding to Lilly's birthday. Yes, MJ should have RSVP'd but didn't. However, she did reach out to Lilly to ask her to come in a very sweet humble text. In my view, Lilly should have let her come. Or just said, "No, I don't want her here." It was her birthday party -- if she didnt want MJ there, she should have just not invited her. But to make such an ordeal about her not RSVPing and that being the reason she couldn't come was way extra. In our culture, we learn at a very young age to take the greatest care of our guests. Persians are known for their hospitality -- in fact, it's one of the pilars of our social etiquette  This is also why I was so thrown off by Lilly's position. Lilly is not a bad person but I was very surprised by her behavior.  

The comment about "class" was silly. It's strange to draw a connection between RSVPing and class. I've had a number of major sit-down dinners and parties (at MY OWN HOUSE!) and attended very very exclusive sit-down dinners. There is always a +/- 4 factor. Some people who RSVP'd end up not coming and others will come who did not RSVP. These are the unspoken rules of any party. In short, if Lilly wanted MJ to be there, the RSVP would have played no factor.  

In my book, you don't send your friends away at the gate for not RSVPing.

On a more positive note, it was awesome to connect with Golnesa on a real and organic level. I'm happy we can put all that negativity behind us and move forward on solid ground.

Catch you, lovers, on the next one! 



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