MJ's Friends, Not Mine

MJ's Friends, Not Mine

It's clear to Lily that MJ is intimidated by her.

Episode 2 starts with Mike and MJ fingering her dog's butt. Ewww -- go to a professional. 

The next scene is GG and I shopping at a cute little boutique on Robertson. Last summer everyone talked so much shit about GG to me and warned me to keep my distance from her. I was a little scared of her because of it. However, I don't like to judge people based off of what others say about them; I like to get to know them and make a judgment for myself. I must say, the more I get to know GG for myself, the more I like her. I realize she can be short-tempered and has her fair share of anger issues, but underneath it all, there’s a really lovely, really dope girl. I had a great time breaking away from work and shopping with her. 

This episode also gives us a glimpse into Asa working. As you can see, creating a product is not an easy task. Obstacles arise every step of the way and can be quite frustrating. I’m confident Asa will be able to tackle all the issues and see her vision come to life. 

Reza and Mike became partners last summer, however I haven’t heard much of them actually working as “partners.” Mike seems ready and willing to learn and work, but Reza doesn’t seem to be available for him! Come on, Reza, you gotta teach him how to fish before you can expect him to bring home the catch of the day. 

The situation that GG’s sister Leyla is going through is so heartbreaking. I understand that sometimes couples can’t get along and divorce is the only option, but when a man does something as despicable as this man did to his wife and his children, to me, that is nothing but a scum of the Earth bastard. Leyla and her husband were married for years and have two beautiful children together. To betray that family by cheating with another woman, in the family bed, with the children home, really should still be a crime punishable by law. How disgusting of a human being is he?

I respect GG for being by her sister’s side at her time of need.  No matter what happens in life, you should always be able to depend on your family.

Leyla is a strong, independent woman, and I know she will be fine in life. The fact that the children are involved is heartbreaking. I hope they get out of that house and into something new ASAP.

Reza and Adam are moving in together. Ohhhhh boy!!! Good luck to those two!! Living with someone you love is not easy, and requires a lot of compromise and patience. I love and adore Adam, and I think he’s really good for Reza, so I hope Reza can conjure up the patience it takes to make it work.

You don’t get to see much of my family in the show because no one in my family lives in L.A.! However, my brother, sister, and cousin came into town for my birthday party, so before they leave, we sat down to have a little family dinner.

My brother is a cardiologist, and well, as you can see, he thinks like one -- emotionless. I realize I’m 30 and am currently single, but I also just got out of an almost-11-year relationship. Give a girl a break! For the first time in my life, I am ready to open myself up to meeting new people. That may sound ridiculous to my brother, but that’s because for the first time in my life I am SINGLE. That fact that I’m 30 isn’t as bad as my brother is making it seem. I know there are still a few good eggs in there, right?!I am so glad to see GG tell MJ exactly what I feel is correct: she should have RSVP’d. When someone that you don’t get along with invites you somewhere, YOU RSVP. Why is that so difficult for the rest of the group to understand? I’m not going to bend over at the last hour even a little for someone that has been so ugly to me, the fact that I even invited her was the bend.

Now on to dinner. Oh boy. I can’t believe MJ is still so intimidated by me when I walk through the door -- look at her face! I don’t understand what I’ve done to make her feel so insecure other than exist. 

The jab that MJ took at Mohamed was unnecessary and so ugly. She doesn’t know him, she’s never met him, and she has never been to his house or any of his “parties.” I confirmed this with him after I left that dinner. Why she feels the need to constantly hate on and talk shit about people she doesn’t know (first me and now Mohamed) is dumbfounding to me. 

Things get ugly real fast, and all sorts of lies are then said. MJ keeps saying that I was “planning” to make sure she didn’t get into the party. Ummm, where is she getting this from? I invited her exactly like I invited the other 300 guests. She chose not to RSVP for the dinner or even come to the party at all! Either she’s delusional or other people in the group (ahem, Reza and his “visions”) are telling her lies. I hate to break it to her, but my birthday is about me, not humiliating MJ or locking her at the gates. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Is she 40 or 14?

I’m so sick of everyone treating MJ like she’s a child; she’s a grown-ass woman and I will hold her to the standards of any other adult, no special treatment.

MJ loves to consistently say that I am a “fake lawyer” or I “live off a man." It’s honestly so old at this point, I’m not even going to waste another second of my time or energy defending it. If she wants to think that and it makes her feel better about herself to say it, go ahead, honey!

This group is so overwhelming. Someone is always attacking someone else, mad at someone, hates this person, can't stand that person, best friends with this person now, but hates that person now. It’s too much! Do something constructive and positive with your time and energy instead of worrying about such petty things in life.

I have reached a tremendous amount of success in my life not by accident or luck, but by working. You have to stay focused on your dreams in life, and devote your energy to those dreams and accomplishing your goals. With the kind of drama this group involves, there’s no way you’ll ever be able to be focused and driven in life -- you’ll be too mentally drained!

It’s clear to me now that MJ is so intimidated by my sheer existence and will never be able to be around me. It is also clear to me now that her harsh statement is correct -- everyone at that table is her friend, not mine. I didn’t know it was a choice, and they had to be friends with one and not the other -- again, 3rd grade -- but so be it.I’m not sure why I thought it was a good idea to let Reza bring me into his group of “Persian” friends in the first place, but at this headache of a dinner I definitely realize I do not belong here, so I leave. It is disappointing and hurtful because I have become close to and love everyone in the group, but the last thing I need are fake friends. I have plenty of real friends that I can surround myself with that are positive, drama-free, and hardworking. So, I'm done.  

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