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Mike: I Will Marry Jessica Soon

Mike opens up about his relationship with Jessica.

By Mike Shouhed

Like all good things, even Shahs has to come to an end! What an amazing season it has been. We have been through so much. My love for Jessica has grown so much. I will marry her soon...but not just yet. As my love affair with Jessica is at an all-time high, my anger and disappointment with Reza has been bringing me down. I was on the verge of losing a best friend, a brother, someone who has been by my side through so much. We have a lot of mending to do!

[video_clip_url:]I wish Vida was more like my mom! Although, my mother is a tough cookie, she always has my back and gives me so much love and respect. Vida is the polar opposite. She is always breaking MJ down. NOT COOL! My mom should do a Persian mom intervention.

Rezito’s birthday was a blast!!! His big Four O was nothing short of epic! Everything was on point except that me and Jessica had to sleep in the maids quarters, LOL! A private chef, a butler, a maid, and a security guard were there to make sure that we don't get too out of hand. The champagne was flowing and Lochnesa peeped her ugly head out once again! Sorry for wanting to go to sleep and getting upset that everyone is trying to break in my room to see me naked again!!! I love her and I'm glad that she has bad aim! [video_clip_url:]The dinner party was spectacular and the fact that my best friend Reza is finally getting engaged was the highlight of the season. No one had a clue that he was going to do that. I'm more than thrilled that Adam and Reza will spend the rest of their lives together. They're a match made in heaven! I'm excited to have a new brother now -- Adam welcome to the family! A very loving, crazy, and dysfunctional family...that we call Shahs of Sunset![video_clip_url:]

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