Recap: The Shahs Peace Summit

Recap: The Shahs Peace Summit

Ep 16: Part 2 may have been more peaceful, but there were quite a few surprises.

By Nadine Rajabi

It’s sad that our Shahs are coming to a close this season. It’s been quite a ride. From Mike and Reza’s bromance breaking up (to making up), Lilly being on an island of her own, Asa launching Diamond Water, MJ wanting kids, to a very emotional trip to the Middle East…we’ve been on a roller coaster with our Persians.

Part 2 of the reunion was not as explosive as Part 2 of Season 2’s reunion, but I prefer to keep things at peace sometimes. At least this season Reza left things with a hug and not name-calling. I feel like these guys have been through so much during the season, that there is nowhere else to go but to a peaceful place.

Now on to the reunion. There wouldn’t be a reunion unless the infamous F-word incident was brought up. And that it was. There was a lot of back and fourth between Mike and Reza on this one as I’d expected. What I didn’t expect was for Mike to bring up the fact that people like Reza bullied him when he was growing up. That’s information I didn’t know about Mike. I felt bad thinking about little Mike being bullied. As for Reza, he had stated before, this issue had brought up a lot of unresolved issues -- and nothing has changed -- he’s still sorry. I don't know what he went through, so all I can ask for as a viewer is an apology. As for the term F.O.B., I’d like to take the time to clear something up -- when my family came here from Iran, they were not F.O.B., they were F.O.P. (fresh off the plane). If we were F.O.B. that’d be a hell of a long boat ride across the Atlantic. Persians just don’t have that kind of patience. So derogatory or not, I feel like they should update the term. Next up was the infamous trip to Turkey. Andy went around and asked everyone what they thought of the trip, and we all know where these Shahs stand. But the kicker of the argument was GG asking if Mike would go inside the “Sixteenth” Chapel. God bless GG for trying to have a hand in the argument and screwing everything up. At least she’s come out of this season knowing where her butthole is. I’d say that’s a victory!

Moving forward, let’s talk about the border. I’m still in awe that Asa, Reza, and Zinat took the trip. There was a lot of risk involved with going to the border. But the biggest argument was who can or can’t go to Iran. The reality is no one says you can’t go, there’s just a lot of risk involved with going, and I understand why Reza and Asa didn’t want to take that risk. Even GG who goes all the time says she hasn’t gone because she doesn’t want to bring any shame on her family that lives there. But the kicker of the night was Lilly saying, “They don’t just stone gay people to death…if you are a gay, they will give you a free sex change to become a woman.” Yes, Lilly, that is true, but is she really using that as an argument for Reza to go? Really? I almost lost my sh-- laughing when she said that. And Persians love the term free, but when it comes to a sex change, that might not be a sale they’ll want to hit up.

[video_clip_url:]Could you imagine next season?

Bravo echo voice over dude: “On the next season of Shahs of Sunset, Reza decides to go to Iran, only he’s not going to come back as Reza. He’ll be back as Rezita.”

Come on, Lilly!

On to the next OMG moment of the night: Vida Joon’s appearance. Let’s go to the funny first before we get to the bad. I know Vida isn’t the best mom, or even the best human being at that, but I can’t help but laugh at how, um…honest she is? Vida being the Fashion Police was priceless. She reminded me of that scene in Borat when he sat down for the formal dinner (sorry for the old reference, but she was so Borat!). “In my country, they would go crazy for these two (pointing at the prettier ladies), not so much her (pointing at the not so hot woman).” Geez! [video_clip_url:]Let’s move on to Vida telling MJ she wasn’t planned or as she called it “wanted.” I feel bad for MJ, she’s been livin’ la Vida loca. I couldn’t imagine being brought up in that environment. Makes me so grateful for my mother. I hope that MJ does find her man and gets her babies, even if it means adopting Angelina Jolie style.

And last, let’s talk about Mike and Reza. I know these guys hugged it out during the finale, but I didn’t know what they hadn’t talked until the reunion. I feel like their work partnership and the Sasha thing got out of hand and spiraled to a place where it shouldn’t have gone. I’m glad they had their own reunion of sorts. Hopefully their bromance will continue next season. [video_clip_url:]Speaking of… What’s going to happen next season? Will MJ find a man? Will we see another Bravo gay wedding? Will Mike finally propose? Will Asa have a Jackson baby? Will GG go on a nation-wide “Hook It” tour teaching self-control? And most importantly, will Lilly be there?

Thank you all for reading my blog, and for all of your comments -- good and bad! An opinion is an opinion and I appreciate all of them. Well…most of them.

Until next season!

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