Mike is Not a Hustler

Mike is Not a Hustler

Reza expresses disappointment in his real estate partnership.

Watching this episode was both exciting and difficult. You guys get to see Adam and I move in together, and although there were a few bumps in the road, I have to say that it has been an amazing experience. Adam is a great guy, and I'm truly blessed to have him in my life. He's such a great boyfriend and he goes out of his way to make sure that we are equals in this relationship. Plus, he puts up with my crazy ass which says a lot! I can't say the same for Mike. Mike has been struggling in commercial real estate since he moved back from Las Vegas, and it was really brining him down emotionally. No Persian man likes to struggle; we're used to pulling our own weight and then some. Business was going great for me, so I thought I'd help Mike, and as a favor, I'd bring him into residential real estate. This didn't mean that Mike would get to start at the top, a place that took me 10+ years to get to. I gave Mike simple projects that would teach him the skills and a knowledge of the inventory -- two things he'd need to make a sale. I quickly realised that Mike wasn't interested in paying his dues. He wanted to dress in nice suits, go out for expensive lunch "meetings," and sit around waiting for me to make the sales. That's not how it works: if you're not willing to do simple tasks to learn, then you're not interested in being partners. His mother said it best in Season 2: "Mike, you are not a hustler." I should have listened to Mike's mom; she knows him best.

Watching my girl Asa at the factory watching those Diamond Water bottles come down the conveyer belt made my heart smile, and even though it didn't seem to be working smoothly, I know that she has the passion and the drive to make it happen. Moving onto GG, I'm thrilled to see her stepping up in her sisters time of need. She really came through in this episode and gave her poor sister the support she's always needed. I think that a major part of GG's anger stems from old wounds that have to do with her sister and her childhood, so to see her getting past it makes me proud. She's taking big steps with Asa and her sister, and we're seeing the beautiful side of GG that I love. Persians are known for stepping up in a time of crisis, and you can see that both GG and MJ are both giving Leila everything she needs to get through this divorce in one piece.

Finally, we get to dinner at Aventine -- what a night! I wasted a beautiful new suit on a disaster of a dinner! I truly thought that we'd be having a fun night out, supporting Leila who needed a reprieve from babies and divorce papers, but clearly it wasn't meant to be. Sans Lilly, we were all having a blast drinking and catching up. The minute Lilly walked into the room -- mind you we were dining on the patio -- she sucked all of the air out of the room. It was clear that Lilly came in ready to fight, and the minute MJ mentioned Mohamed, Lilly went in for the first blow. I still stand behind what I said: I think that once MJ humbled herself and sent that text message, Lilly could have done the right thing and allowed her to come. It would have set a much different tone for the summer, but in true Lilly fashion (pardon the pun), she got all technical and banned her from the dinner. What's done is done and everyone took a side, but what really bothers me is that Lilly was not accountable for the things she said to MJ. How are you going to say disgusting things about someone and instead of being accountable for your actions, blame the others present for not stopping your vile words from exiting your mouth? You're a grown ass woman -- be accountable for your actions. If you didn't want to argue, you could have kept your mouth shut. These two had been talking mad s--- about one another for months, and we had all had it. They were finally in the same room and we thought they'd finally clear the air. Grow up!

Hope you enjoyed the episode. I can't wait to see what happens next week. And PS, didn't MJ look bananas in that bustier?

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