Asa: MJ Cannot Be Happy for Her Friends

Asa: MJ Cannot Be Happy for Her Friends

Asa Soltan Rahmati talks about living with her parents again and what the real issue is between her and MJ. What’s the best and worst part about living with your parents again?

Asa Soltan Rahmati: The best part about living with my parents was living with my parents. Waking up together and seeing their faces first thing when I woke up and before I went to sleep. I love them so both and we have a ton of fun together. 

The worse thing about living with my parents is our different life styles. Their life style revolves around their cats, Cheetos, and coca cola, LOL! My home is very zen, and while they were there it was a cat pee/lamp grease terror dome. Haha!

Living with Asa's Parents Do you think it’s shady for Reza to have a secret bachelor party?

ASR: MJ is very shady and a major hater in general, but the fact that she made Reza's bachelor party about her is so selfish. She had planned on excluding me from it from Day 1 at the staycation in Malibu. I'm not the one getting married, why would she be conniving enough to exclude me, when both Reza and I specifically told her I wanted to be there? To be very honest, the party is the least of our problems. It's actually much more about MJ being a friend I cannot trust or rely on. Unfortunately, on any and every occasion where she has an ounce of power or control over something, instead of rising to the occasion and being a great leader, she uses her control for something evil and shady. MJ cannot be happy for her friends and turns even the happiest occasion into something negative.  

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