Asa: MJ Could Turn On You in One Second

Asa: MJ Could Turn On You in One Second

Asa Soltan Rahmati talks about her relationship with MJ and how it's been since she's apologized. Were you fibbing about your weight?

Asa Soltan Rahmati: Why would I lie about my weight? I love my curves, and it's not about weight anyway. It's hilarious though that the one person (MJ) who has never been able to disclose/be honest about her weight or age is accusing me of fibbing about my weight, LOL! Was the vibe better between you and MJ since her apology?

ASR: The vibe between us is how it always is -- a shot in the dark... You never know with MJ, she'll turn on you in one second with some very mean, below-the-belt shade.  Could you believe that MJ stored Pablo in her freezer?

ASR: It's alarming that a dead dog was in the freezer right next to her frozen food and vodka. Not sure if that's even sanitary.

Why is MJ's Dog in the Freezer?

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