Asa: Reza Made the Right Decision

Asa: Reza Made the Right Decision

Asa Soltan Rahmati might miss her parents, but she won't miss lamb breakfasts -- plus she reacts to Reza's big news! Do your parents love the newly renovated house?

Asa Soltan Rahmati:  My parents are in LOVE with their newly renovated house! It's literally a brand new house. I like open kitchens into the dining or living room. My mom LOVES her new open kitchen and the cabinets. She finally has an 'island!' And it's actually wonderful for all of us as we are the ones benefiting from my Mom's feasts. Haha. Now we all hang out around the island chopping things and cooking with her. Much more festive and fun!

I live to make my family happy especially my beautiful Mami Joon. She deserves to have the best life possible and I intend to give it to her. :) Was it nice to have your own space again when they moved out?

ASR: As much as I love my parents and their cats, it was amazing having my house back. No more lamb for breakfast and I definitely am going on one of my famous Priestess Detoxes because having my parents stay with my for the summer was great for my soul but very bad for my weight. Hahaha. 

Better to postpone your wedding than to get a divorce or be unhappy in a year. How shocked were you when Reza announced the wedding was off?

ASR: I wasn't shocked that Reza called the wedding off because he had told me about his hesitations and concerns. Even though it seemed harsh, it definitely was the right decision. Better to postpone your wedding than to get a divorce or be unhappy in a year.  



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