Asifa: Mike Needs to Stop Getting So Aggressive

Asifa: Mike Needs to Stop Getting So Aggressive

Asifa Mirza thinks that both she and Mike owed one another an apology. Were you worried about living with GG? Did you find any more of her knives around the house?
Asifa Mirza: As much as I appreciate Golnesa for opening up her home to me, I was a little worried about the knives that are located in every nook and cranny of her house. But thankfully I was only there for less than a month, so it wasn't an issue. What was going through your mind during the confrontation between you and Bobby and Jessica and Mike?
AM: I was wondering how Mike could think it's OK for a grown man to handle an issue by stealing someone's property and holding it for ransom. He expects an apology from us? Really? Yes, I apologize for wondering why a close friend would compare his penis to a toothpick and then asking if he may have a micro penis. It's really none of my business... But with that said, we both owe each other an apology, and he really needs to stop getting so aggressive with me and Bobby. I'm human and I make mistakes, but I was taught to take responsibility for my actions and apologize when I've screwed up. Mike on the other hand is constantly trying to intimidate me and Bobby so that we know these are his friends and he's the alpha male. We are all friends and we can get along as long as we respect one another. Jessica, being his lady, has to deal with Mike and should back him up when he is right and privately call him out when he is wrong. During heated situations animals attack, but humans (with brains and a thought process) either walk away or strike back with words as defense mechanisms. But pushing/scratching Bobby is not OK. I'll give it to Jessica for being a ride or die chick, but not with my man...

Asifa Calls Jessica a Hyena
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AM: I could care less if Jessica stayed or left. She seems like a cool girl that has an untamed man. As long as my man and my friends are present, I will have an amazing time!

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