MJ: Jessica Blamed the Wrong People

MJ: Jessica Blamed the Wrong People

MJ dishes on her sexy boudoir photoshoot, and gives us the 411 on the reconciliation dinner that turned into a confrontation.

I always get inspired reading about people who never give up and land on their feet in hard times. We can't grow without leaving our comfort zone. This season I am heavier than ever, about 40lbs more since the show premiered. Opting to do a photoshoot during that time is about confidence and creating new rules in the media's definition of what a woman "should" look like. Every woman should learn what makes her feel sexy. For me, it's a fresh blow out or a deep, dark tan. I'm sickened by the #BodyShaming women do to one another. We are long overdue to change that. This photoshoot was a step in that direction. I hope it inspires women to get off the side lines and live life now. Let's stop waiting to reach that "goal weight" before we consider ourselves worthy. By the way, even when we reach what we imagine as that "magic place," most times we discover there's always more we want. That's got to stop. I want both men and women to stop beating themselves up for who they are today and live life right now. You can still take the dressing on the side; no one is judging you either way.

This second lie detector test was the real deal. I guess those older machines from the first test are considered antiques. Golnesa got the redemption she deserved. I understand her actions in the past have called her character in question, and that is why I believe she knew that one person's word against another was not going to cut it. I think that if she were lying or making up the story, she would have never agreed to take a polygraph test in the first place. 

During the reconciliation dinner I felt that Jessica's behavior derailed any possibility of reconciling. She even told Mike before leaving the house that night that she didn't want to have anything to do with "these people." Well, I feel badly for anyone who gets deceived by someone she loves, but coming at us with entitled, superior, misdirected anger is her digging her own grave for both Mike and her future. She lost allies in us that night. She blamed the wrong people. She even made herself look like an accomplice. I actually thought she was helping Mike cover up the truth so she could be sure and get on with her wedding plans. 

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