MJ on Those Naked Pics

MJ on Those Naked Pics

MJ dishes on her friend Kaz's naughty photos.

They say that making your bed every morning sets the tone for having a good, balanced day. It's lovely to see Jessica implement the basic marital traditions of starting the day off right with those two things. It's very sweet, and very important for couples to do.

Oh boy, things are about to get Shah-king when GG drops a bomb about what happened in Turkey last year. All I could think was, "Please say it isn't so…" But the problem is I knew GG wasn't playing around. This is one of those moments when I wish some family secrets were kept in the vault and never mentioned. But I cannot help but be shocked at what I'm hearing. Plus, I'm the type of person who needs all the information. I need to know the who, where, when, why, and how. Particularly, I thought about Jessica. If Mike was unattached when this went down, it would be less of a situation. The problem is that Mike is in a serious relationship with Jessica. I am worried about how this will affect their relationship.

Did Mike Try to Hit on GG?

Meeting Kaz was very, eh-hem, interesting. His property is very valuable, but it needs more than a hug... It needs a cleaning crew with hazmat suits, to be followed by a demolition crew, and a full remodel to get the property up to snuff. If Kaz takes my advice, he will stand to profit a few million dollars on this house project. As for the pictures of him standing naked in his backyard in the buff? It wasn't a selfie, someone had to take those pics. He stood tall, proud, and shameless in his backyard. Bottom line, if you've got it, flaunt it, right?
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MJ Steals Some X-Rated Photos

During dinner, when Adam asks Asa to be his maid of honor, I thought it was perfect. If we are planning a wedding, we should all be involved in the tasks and decisions. Since we are the closest people to Reza and Adam, it's very fitting and no one feels left out. Both Reza and Adam asked us in casual way, I think that indicates that things are moving faster than they are prepared to perform. Life doesn't slow down for us, perhaps not even slow enough to plan a once-in-lifetime event.

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