Reza: Jessica Came With an Agenda

Reza: Jessica Came With an Agenda

Reza talks about the disastrous dinner with Mike and Jessica and gives his thoughts on Asa's performance art. Did you have fun at MJ's photo shoot?

Reza Farahan: I had a blast with MJ at the photo shoot, and I'm always amazed at how comfortable she is with her body. She is definitely a role model when it comes to loving yourself at any size. My only issue was with who she was doing it for. She really deserves someone who can give her what she wants and needs in life. She needs to stop settling. What did you think of Asa's performance art?

RF: I thought that Asa's performance art was very cool. The fact that she has a message and the balls to announce said message on Hollywood Blvd is very impressive. As far as the message itself, I agree, woman should have the right to chose the veil. My personal opinion, though, is that the veil is a symbol of oppression, and I don't agree with it. Were you surprised how the dinner with Mike and Jessica went down?

RF: I was very shocked that Mike allowed the reconciliation dinner to go south. If he was smart, he would have asked Jessica to hold all of her insults for a later date, maybe two or three dinners later, once we were on better ground. Jessica was clearly not interested in reconciling. She came with an agenda, and her agenda was to insult us, point fingers, and to let us know loud and clear that she doesn't "give a fuck about any of us." Jessica is impulsive, and she never gives the crew any respect. She's making her issues with Mike an issue between her/Mike and the crew. I truly don't know why they invited us to dinner. It was a disaster.

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