Reza on Asifa and Bobby's Toxicity

Reza on Asifa and Bobby's Toxicity

Reza talks about Asfia's nipples and how her clash with Bobby made his own emotions about the wedding take over. What color are Asifa's nipples? 

Reza FarahanAsifa is either color blind, or she has body dysmorfic disorder because her nipples are DARK burgundy almost maroon and this bitch is calling them peach. I wonder what color Adam's nipples are? If hers are peach, then Adam's are see through? What was going through your mind when Bobby confronted Asifa?

RF: I was thinking that Bobby must have found his balls in Thailand, because up until that point, he was a doormat for Asifa. My second thought was: "OH F--- NO!" These two fools better not go there and ruin everyone's vacation. It took everything in me to keep it together for everyone, yet for Bobby and Asifa it wasn't even a consideration. What caused your breakdown with Asa

RF: Asa and I were both thinking a lot about Adam and the significance of being in Thailand, she was being very sensitive to my emotional state. Once we got to that dinner, Bobby and Asifa's toxicity was overwhelming and Asa couldn't take it anymore, nor could I. When Asa left, I felt comfortable leaving too. It was nice having that moment of reflection in her room, allowing my emotions to take over and really deal with the fact that the wedding was canceled because of me and that Adam was at home. 


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