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6 Things You Didn't Know About MJ's Fiance Tommy Feight

Get to know the 'Shahs of Sunset' star's future husband.

By Andrew Herrmann

Mercedes "MJ" Javid's new man certainly wasted no time sweeping her off her feet! Clearly he wasn't kidding around when he told MJ's mom, Vida, he'd propose as soon as he had the money for a ring, given the recent news of their engagement. But Tommy is new on the Shahs of Sunset scene, so we turned to MJ (and her BFF Reza Farahan) to learn more about her future husband.

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1. He's a Big Sports Fan

"Tommy is a diehard Mets fanatic and a fantasy football enthusiast. Think Jimmy Fallon in Fever Pitch."

2. He Works in Marketing

"Tommy is the Marketing Director for Blow & Drive Interlock; their company developed cutting edge technology that the government uses to monitor criminals in an effort to keep the streets safe and save lives."

3. He's an Amateaur Chef

"Tommy loves to cook. He loves when we stay home and bump elbows in the kitchen. He loves Vida's cooking, and without fail, his eyes are bigger than his stomach."

4. He's a Comedian

"Tommy makes me laugh. I make him laugh. He considers himself 'the funniest person he knows.' The best part is that I get to make him laugh every day. #BestFeelingEver"

5. His Taste in Music is Questionable (in MJ's Opinion)

"Tommy has the WORST taste in music, A.K.A. worst of mainstream top 40, and he HOWLS over the song, because he thinks he has 'the voice of a hummingbird.' Think of random discount songs you hear over the intercom speaker system of a Piggly Wiggly at 2am – those are his his #JAM!"

6. They Met on Tinder

Reza Reveals How MJ Met Her New Man

Let's just hope he was able to win over Vida at some point this season...

Vida Doesn't Approve of MJ's New Man
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