Can't Bring Me Down

Can't Bring Me Down

Dee Adams' strategy for the rest of the game.

3/29/08 Orange, Red

¢Color blance, blow dry, pre-section, triangle, make base.

Nothing is going to bring me down!

Second place again! Today was right up my alley. My favorite! Funky cut and color! I thought I nailed it! But, of course, Charlie got his one! His style looked like a f****** drag queen!

Come on Kim Vo! I thought you had better taste than that! Tomorrow I'm kicking assss!

3/30/08 Today was awesome! Charlie's Angels! We worked in teams today and I was paired up with Nekisa.

Charlie had immunity so he was assisting the teams. I stepped up to the plate and delegated. Nekisa did okay, but I would have done Farrah different, because it looked like everybody else. I feel good about what I did because the Angels (Sabrina and Kelly) looked like the characters, but a lot more modern. My Kelly rocked! I modernized Sabrina from what Nekisa had originally did. I hope the judges love it. Anyway time for interviews! More to come...

Okay, so we're waiting for the judges decision. This time, I felt what it's like to get reamed in public by Kim Vo. He said my Kate Jackson style was frizzy and too curly! More to come...

What the f***! There was no Shear Genius tonight. We all equally sucked! The bottom two: Nekisa and Glenn. This was the shocker, Glenn went home! I did say I want her to leave but becauase she was one of my competitions. But Nekisa has been so criticized, I thought it would be her. This is crazy! You just never know who's next! I need to push harder! Push harder! Push harder! Push harder!

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