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Double Booked

Charlie Price discusses his winning streak.

Short Cut #9 Twins

Jaclyn assigned us what seemed like a ho-hum kind of challenge -- cut, color and style someone's hair based on their personality. We have one and a half hours to complete the look. As the clock winds down to 45 minutes, Jaclyn announced that there was a "problem." We had been "double booked" our next clients are waiting for us, it was the first client's twin. Twist -- they have to look different. F---! I did a long "silver screen" Frenchy-chic look and a short, shaggy bad-ass cut. The girls and our guest judge, Jose Eber, loved them. I didn't win though. NICOLE did. (Good thing she won she needed a hand. Dee didn't do well, her twins looked the same.) Nicole has immunity and is in the top three for sure.

Elimination #9 Photo Shoot

Hallelujah at Smashbox Studio Rene was standing with our guest judge and celebrity photographer Michael Grieco -- we are doing models based on the four seasons. Cool! I get spring. I wanted winter, but once I realized my set was cherry blossoms, it was beautiful. Plus, I don't have to look at Dee's own hairdo anymore, the poor thing looks like she's the terrified victim of a canary attack. Part of the challenge was to make our look avant-garde as well as fit the season. My model had thin hair so I thought I would do a rag set -- I also added some extensions and extra cherry blossoms. She looked SUPERB! On set it was so chill. Michael kept saying BEAUTIFUL and that he loved this and loved that. FAB!!! I hope judging goes as well. He had me handle a huge fan. FUN. Dee did, you guessed it, another "edgy" angle bob with crazy streaks. I'm ready to kill myself.

The Judging Final Elimination

I was last to speak about my shoot. They shredded Dee and Daniel then they gave Nicole one of those 50-50 mind-f----. They were pretty much nice except for Kim, OBVIOUSLY. He said I killed a "fly with an elephant gun" when I shattered my updo on set. What-eeever!!!! Linda loved my silhouette! I WON! Four elimination wins - no one else can match my elimination win record! BUT, (there's always a but, and not the good butt) these tramps could still steal my 100,000 dollars.

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