Episode Four

Episode Four

Daniel Lewis discusses his race against the clock.


Shortcut Challenge Today we're faced with a difficult Shortcut Challenge. We were given a model to do a color/cut/style on, BUT we had to switch clients 4 times midstream. UH OH!! This to me was not as big of an issue as the fact that we had only 1 hour 30 minutes to do everything start to finish, and a few of the models had color-correction issues. I had second choice of model and I picked a young lady who I wanted to lighten up because of her skin and eyes. I would have liked to have changed her up a bit more, however she was pretty definite on what she wanted. Blah blah blah. I got second place -- YIPPEEEE!

! I was teamed up with Meredith for a portion and she and her model decided to go from multiple colors of blonde (definite color correction) to red. Although this was a risk and could have been great, I felt like it put others in a bit of a weird position. When I got her model I should have been rinsing her color and prepping her for cut. Instead I was doing the second process of color, which was not good considering what time we were allotted. I think the fact that she was not able to finish the style was what took her down, but I will say that the model's new color was a lot more than she could say about the blonde quilt she had on her head before.

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