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Episode Four

Nicole Obert has some fighting words for some fellow contestants.


Short Cut Challenge #4 Today we had to "share" clients starting w/color, then switch, not knowing when or who the client was to see next. My model needed corrective color. She had red roots, dark brown in mid-shaft, and red ends. She was opposed to going darker and wanted highlights, so I did a few to break up that band of dark. Not doing a lot, but beginning the process of numerous future color corrections.

Paulo & Glenn ended up cutting a majority of my client's hair. They did a great job. I evened out the layers and blow-dried it straight. My client loved her hair. She could see the highlights, so it made her feel like I listened to her. The color was by no means even, but when I started it and when the full process is done it will look great. Meredith said mine looked worse than hers. Today she lost because she didn't take into consideration the time allotted and dyed her client's hair pink. Her client was pissed. Paulo said he hated mine, but he has no room to say s*** about mine. His client was crying and had to talk herself into liking it. So...screw you guys. 1st place--Dee 2nd place--Daniel Loser--Meredith

Elimination Challenge #4 Nexxus Everyday Woman In today's challenge, we had to give our clients a cut and style that they could replicate on their own at home. Maria had long, wavy black hair with brassy, chunky highlights. I covered them with chocolate brown since she wanted to go dark but not as dark as her natural hair, which was almost black. So we did 20 vol on the roots and 10 vol on the ends, and she loved the color. I cut off about 3 inches and I layered the s*** out of it. I then showed her the twist-and-dry technique, and she was done it 8 minutes styling it herself. Meredith ended up doing another horrific job and lost the challenge. She went home. MY ROOM IS NOW REALLY ALL MINE!! Me, Dee & Glenn were in the top 3. Glenn won. I came in 3rd! YEAH! Winner--Glenn Loser--Meredith

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