Episode Four

Episode Four

Charlie Price reveals that he's a total control freak.


Short Cut Challenge 4 "Team" Work--not exactly. Our models had to be cut, colored & styled, but...we had to switch models 5 times in 1 1/2 hrs. AAAAARRGHH!!! My least favorite challenge so far. I ended up with the same model I started with -- it was not fun. I am a control freak, so this really sucked a lot. Mine was boring but not bad -- I was safe. WHATEVER. No prob Dee won; if there ever was a time to be safe, it was this one.

Elimination #4 Everyday Women: Nexxus Salon Challenge Clients have to blow-dry their own hair... YAAAWWN! None of the clients looked bad, but none really looked great -- lackluster. Dee, Gail & Glenn are walking around like they already won. WHY? My lady Patty did a great job blow-drying her hair. She is a cute Mexicana. Judging--I was very wrong, wrong, wrong! Nicole, Dee, Glenn and Gail all beat MY ass. I was bottom 3. YIKES!!! Well, it happens to everybody. I still don't believe that Roy or Kim Vo can do color and cut and a blow-dry lesson in 1 1/2 hrs. Glenn won--she deserved it.

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