Episode One

Episode One

Charlie Price's diary on the first episode.

Day 1: Short Cut Challenge (Blindfolded) Kim Vo is our judge (oh s***, Kim Vo took Sally's place as co-host -- what the f***)? For the first two challenges -Oy Vey! -He's sooooo pretty -and smiles soooo much. YIKES! -For the Short Cut Challenge he judges our cuts. What? (Isn't he a colorist?) I came in seventh place. He said mine was like "a soccer mom gone wild" (actually quite funny.) I didn't take it personally 'cause in no way do I feel defensive about a hairdo I CAN'T F***IN SEE!!! LOL No blood was shed and it was good silly fun.

Day 2: Cartoon Character Challenge (Elimination #1) We had to make our models into cartoon characters. I picked Marge Simpson -- I couldn't resist totally GOING THERE!!!  The challenge included cut and color and we had 2  1/2 hours -- I did color and cut my model's hair but I chose to cover the natural hair with blue wig pieces so the cut color aspect didn't show. I LOVED my model I LOVED the shape and I was in the top 3. The guest judge Neeko liked it but said he wanted more runway or couture. Uuuuuuumm ... it wasn't cartoon couture Ms. Thang!! Whatever -- it was soooo fun Awesome that Oshun is history (I mean puddle).

At the house ... -Meredith and I have started a Christian rock band called Sodom (me)-Gomorrah (Meredith). Our tour starts soon and we are trying to secure Sears as the sponsor and we will be dark on Sundays like CHIK-FIL-A and HOBBY LOBBY. At the house... OMG!! Drunken WALK-OFF F*** YEA. Nekisa, Dee, and Daniel where virtually naked!!! I wore a white satin jacket yellow turban and green pumps -- wicked. Happy Birthday Salvador (my B.F.) (mi amor) (I <3 U)

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