Episode One

Episode One

Oshun's diary about the first episode.

Hotel Day: Man, the hotel was so boring -- it was like being stuck on an Island and you can't get off. I've never been so tired of room service. The food was nasty and I lost weight being at the hotel. What is with that? When I got there in the room, I met Jaclyn, the host of the show. It said I'm really doing it. I had to create an up-do that I put in 2.2 seconds. Once that was all over I had to go back to the room and wait a whole day, and that was heart-wrenching.

Moving Day: Leaving the hotel was so nice. I knew we were going to the house... Shipped out and headed upstairs and got the best room. Once I brought up my bags to the small rooms with the beds, I was like, "What's this?" But as I went to view the entire house, I said, "This is okay." The kitchen was on the third floor and that was so dope. Anyway, I got ready for bed and made a toast. It was a shocker but I knew then that I had made it.

Challenge Day: The first challenge was the quick fire haircut challenge. I must say that was strange. We had to be blindfolded and cut their hair. How strange and challenging is that? The clients came in but they were already chosen for us. I felt that it wasn't a good thing because I wasn't able to feel her hair to see what kind of shape it was in. So we began with 1:30 minutes to cut our clients' hair. I was cool with that but being blindfolded wasn't good. We only had 3 mins to consult with the client. My luck, her hair was down her back and she wanted her hair chin level. She was wrong for that. But being great she felt I could pull that off and she was right. The judges came over to check the hair, and Kim Vo said some real s***. I think he was hating on me. Out of all of the stylists he gave me the worst remarks. But had the most difficult job. I came in last place and that was wrong.

The Photo Shoot Day: The day started off so damn nice. I said, The Lord has blessed me for real. Driving to the studio and pulling up, my heart started beating so fast. It was like, Man, you have made it. Your life will never be the same anymore. The first stage I had to go through was wardrobe. My clothes were so fresh to def, I must say so myself. I thought, "Boy, you look like a star." Going through the process was so fun. Makeup, hair...you can't imagine the feeling doing those things. It was a pleasure for me because I make people fresh all the time, but they were doing this for me for once. I went to my first photo set and I was on fire. The photographer was so fresh with the direction that I felt like a natural. Being in front of the camera was like I belonged there. No one could tell me that I didn't belong there. Once I got started I was in the zone. We all looked good. I will never forget that experience ever in my life. I was working the camera. I was a star.

Final Deal: The final challenge was to create a cartoon character. Having to deal with coming in last place f***ed with my mental. I was wondering why everyone passed on my character. Because that s*** was hard to do. By the way, my character was Lousy from Charlie Brown. How silly is that? I really didn't think that coming in last was going to come back to haunt me. I know my styling is very creative so I wouldn't have a problem doing the style. One problem came to get me -- a client with hair in bad shape. Man, her hair wouldn't hold a damn curl, and it was so fine that it was going to make the styling hard. I said to myself, ''Let's get busy.'' I pulled off the style. I know I didn't have the worst style out of the twelve. But the hating judge thought otherwise. So in came the results and I was in the bottom three. I said, What the f*** is going on? I know damn well I wasn't getting voted off the show. I was wrong. Those motherf***ers voted me off and I couldn't believe it. I am the best damn stylist there is. But they didn't see it. It's over, man. But that's okay. I will rise to the top, watch and see. It's my turn, America. Much love and thanks for everything. You guys gave me my break!

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