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Episode Two

Charlie's diary all about episode 2.

Short Cut Challenge #2 I have a cold. Short haircut - had to do a short cut on a model in 45 minutes - Piece of Cake I got a GREAT model and I did a Mia Farrow cut in Rosemary's Baby! ROCK ON bitches -UNTIL ... Tabatha was the judge -- f**k yea!! Guess what? I WON -- WOO HOOO!!

REAL HOUSEWIVES So we go upstairs to eat breakfast and there is a bowl of oranges ooohh sh*t -- all that smack I talked about those ladies. Oops!! (not really) I had an advantage in model selection and was allowed to choose to choose to switch -- I took Daniel's model Cara. She's gorgeous. I did a classic shag with a rocker twist. I put slivers of highlights through to take the edge off the blackcolor -- it looked great. I'm really proud of the way she looks, tres chic. I need to reassess my adversaries Real Housewives Me, Dee, Glenn top three woooo hoooo!! (I thought Glenn was gonna win) I got it! Yes!!! Immunity!!! During elimination I suddenly noticed Daniel crying -- very emotional, weird but I ain't crying . I can't f**king believe that it was Parker. He's a great cutter. This was not the worst by far -- makes me very nervous -- total curveball. My best guy friend here. I'll miss that bitch .. The opening shots and teasers for the show were shot on the PARAMOUNT LOT!!!! WOW. I was floored -- the set was over the top. We had to speak in front of the camera a lot!! I feel so invigorated and excited when I do it. I loved it. I had some great lines! I wore a pink shirt, a vest, and a huge flower pinned to it -- totally hilarious, suuuper gay. Bar none one of the best days of my life -- I feel very lucky. All the promos and ads for the shows were done at SMASHBOX STUDIOS which was cool (I haven't been there since I was lead stylist on Imitation of Christ during one of the LA Fashion Weeks. A GREAT DAY!! I tried to use all my tricks that I teach and have asked models to do when I am directing a shoot -- it's much much harder to be in in front of the camera than you think it will be. I was exhausted but soooo thrilled to be there. AMAZING.

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