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Food! Fun! Whatever!

Charlie Price recalls the dog styling challenge.

Short Cut #7 No Product--Only Food

We had to create a futuristic shape, styling the hair only with FOOD! FUN! I'M SUPER EXCITED! I decide to do a futuristic powdered wig. There was a lot of ridiculing of Dee for her lame "Japanamation" idea--does she EVER have any original ideas? Nicole and I had a food fight : ) In the judging Paulo won (I figured as much. It was good, not great). Dee and Daniel got props. I guess Daniel is the peanut butter martyr. Dee's was one of the worst hairdos I've EVER seen. I was safe in the middle. No prob! Some hippy named Robert was the judge. I think Robert was turned off by my comments to Dee. Elimination #7 The NADIR of my tome on Shear Genius Dog Days We were dropped off at a park. Needless to say, I am not the outdoorsy type. Instantly I smell trouble when I hear one word. DOGS. We have to style DOGS. No way--I almost walked out right then. Renee had Paulo pick a dog first, then assign us ours. I picked third and got a cute Bijon mix--WHATEVER. Bombshell #2 --We have to match the dog to its owner, and his owner has raven black hair. FU**!!! It ends up looking like shite. The owner looks nothing like the dog. Kim says that I achieved something rare, I made her look both matronly and crazy. Dee and Daniel were in the top two. Dee won : ( I just can't care about this--it's sooooo silly. I'm fully prepared to go home--they were SO brutal with me. Nekisa and Paulo joined me in the bottom three. SHOCK--AGAIN, I'M SAFE. Nekisa leaves. Final Thought--I'd rather be "bland" than absurd, ridiculous and embarrassing. Just can't go there. 'Nuf said!

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