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For The Record

Charlie Price talks about styling Daniel's mom.

Short Cut #8 Kids Jaclyn was waiting in the salon as usual, (today she was a vision in Miu Miu though!  Chic!) Our guest judge was the guy who does hair for American Idol (he was responsible for Sanjaya's "ponyhawk") Also, a dead ringer for Pavarotti. They said our clients were another tricky bunch -- then a group of screaming first graders rush out and hug each of us -- they scared me, but I got a really cute girl named Caya. She immediately announced, "I'm not a molecule nervous." WOW, precious little one. She had waist-length, fine blond hair -- I asked her if she like braids. "NO," she said, unequivocally. In honor of Miss Sanjaya, I did a double pony. I wrapped the ponytails in hair to cover the bands, and I curled the ends and bangs. GORGEOUS. The guest judge loved it! Daniel won first place, I was second -- WOOHOO! Dee was in the bottom finally! Par-tay! So was Paulo again. Three in a row.

Elimination #8 Family We had all kinds of ideas about what this challenge would be -- so when Rene said, "meet your clients," I was FLOORED when my sister Kelly walked in. Everyone cried when they saw their family, but I was just so HAPPY. My sister and I are very close and I was thrilled to see her. YAAAAYY!! Of course, there is a twist -- we have to do OTHER peoples' family! DUN DUN DUN. Daniel picks first and then assigns me his mom -- LOL! For Sandra, I reworked her blonde color and gave her a longer version of Sharon Stone's short cut (because of her asymmetric ears.) SHE LOVED IT! Paulo got my sister Kelly and made her hair a little darker and ashier.

I wasn't crazy about the color and her hair is shorter on one side, but it doesn't look as crazy as I thought it would. Still, I don't think she likes it. Daniel did Nicole's mom and put ash in her as well - WHY? She was pretty poofy -- not ugly, but not really modern either -- but the judges always like his work, so we'll see. Dee did Paulo's cousin and didn't change her too much. Didn't like how she layered the hair and did some of her crazy red streaks. Finally, Nicole did Dee's mom and cut her hair OFF -- OFF GIRL!!! -- and colored it chocolate brown. I couldn't resist making a G.I. Jane comment. I don't think she likes it.

Our guest judge was David Babae. He does Nicole Kidman and Angelina Jolie -- I'm impressed. The discussion was intense. They asked each family member what they thought, and then asked each of us what we thought of our family member's new look. Paulo and Nicole seemed like the obvious choices for the bottom two. The judges loved the color I did (guess I can't stop doing color now)--and they all liked the cut. They pretty much skewered me on the styling of Sandra. Kim Vo told me that my hairdo was bell shaped -- which I agree with -- but it still made me angry. Kelly told me that the front of Sandra's hair reminded her of Donald Trump. Ouch! GASP! Jaclyn loved it! (It helps that Sandra's a Texan.) I can figure out what's gonna happen -- me, Dee, and Daniel got mixed reviews -- no homeruns.

When we go back to the Salon Backroom, Jaclyn announces that there will be a top three and bottom two. I panic for a second, thinking that I'm in the bottom -- I don't wanna get kicked off! Then comes relief -- me, Dee, and Daniel are top three -- FAAAB!! I WON! I'm SUBLIMELY HAPPY! Unless Daniel or Dee wins the last elimination and the final, NO ONE CAN MATCH MY ELIMINATION RECORD! DARE TO DREAM! I've won the most, but I'm also the one with the most visits to the bottom three.

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