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Gray Streak

Paulo Candido elaborates on why cutting a dog's hair sucks.

Shortcut Unatural Natural Styling Products Today's challenge was f****** crazy! We get into the salon and there is this large table with stuff on it--covered by a big black sheet. Jaclyn gives us the challenge. We are to style hair using products--not hair products--but food products found in a grocery store. What the hell?! So we had to choose a scissor box that contained a number. Mine was #2--AWESOME.

There were 2 models with curly hair--one of them was stunning! Nekisa went 1st. Thank God she didn't pick my girl. So I went 2nd and ended up getting the girl I wanted. Perfect. So we picked from the table in the order we picked our models. I got exactly what I wanted. Corn syrup & coconut oil/butter. PERFECT. I talked my girl into layering, because I needed the perfect base for my hairstyle. She agreed! Perfect! We had 45 minutes for the challenge. So I cut my model, then started working with the corn syrup to really exaggerate the shape. STICKY FUN!

It was actually working well. A bonus was when it started getting "powdery." So I thought--this is my space age princess that has been entombed for 1000 years and is pulled out of her slumber into life. Then I worked with the coconut butter to shine and refine pieces and give them definition. It worked okay. Nothing special. Then I decided to add some extensions that were half blond and half purple. I teased them to resemble purple puffs of hair and then added them to her hair. Cool! With 2 minutes to go, I took my fingers and dipped them into corn syrup and was going to add more to the hairstyle. As it dripped onto her hair, the syrup started to look like crystal droplets. F*** yeah! So I went with it and the end result looked amazing. Very futuristic with the shape, style and textures. Loved it! And so did the guest judge! I WON! My first shortcut challenge win! E

limination Challenge Bitches Oh for f***'s sake! We have to cut and style dog's hair and THEN make the owners look like their dogs! OMFG! Insane. And this is an elimination challenge. This sucks--someone will get sent home because the dog and owner didn't look alike. So damn crazy. Luckily my girl and her dog were sweet. So hopefully it ain't me that's going home because of it. Cutting a dog sucks! We'll see who's going home! After Deliberation OH MY F****** GOD. Bottom 2--AGAIN. They didn't tear me a new asshole during our conversations, but when I was in the bottom 2 with Nekisa, they said my client and dog had NO resemblance. My dog had gray tones. Did they want me to color my model's hair gray?! Whatever! At least I'm still here!

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