Hair Sculpting Master

Hair Sculpting Master

Charlie Price's thoughts on the dramatic finale.

FINALE: Part One

The final three: Dee, Me, Nicole. I'm happy -- flowers, ice cream, puppy dogs happy. I got to see my winning photo that Michael Greico did on the Allure wall of fame for the first time -- YEEE HAAW! Dee and Nic didn't clap. Before Rene assigned our final challenge, he told us we would each have a private one on one with Linda Wells, editor of Allure magazine. Oh my God! Let's just say the magnitude of this does not escape me. No amount of money spent on PR agents could make this happen. I am so excited! She is funny, cool and accessible -- we talked about the magazine and all the runway people I've trained with (i.e. Eugene, Guido and Serge.) She told me great stories and she said she was impressed by me.

The Final Challenge The Story of One Woman's Hair Ages 18, 30, 45, 60 My lady is a child star who, at age 18, gets her big break in a 1940's period piece playing a USO singer (my model is at the premiere.) At 30 she wins an Oscar and wears shimmering Hollywood waves (she appears in a day suit for a public appearance.) When she is 45, she appears as a 1960s 'Hitchcockian heroine' in a suspense thriller (she appears here in character.) Then by the time she reaches 60, she is ensconced in the film community as a stateswoman and directs her first film, and my model appears as she would at a film festival. I love the way my girls look! Hopefully the judges will too! Dee's are okay, but typically ugly, as usual. Nicole didn't finish...YIKES!

The Judging The guest judge was Sally Hershberger. Wow! That's one tough lady -- I'm so glad I wasn't on season one. This last judging was the most crazy mind game of all time! I loved it -- good nasty fun. So the judges said some lovely things, and they always love my color. And they said I was a master of sculpting hair! HOOORAY! I can see my day rate rising before my eyes. Once I saw Sally I had a feeling this wasn't my challenge -- I've won so much, it would be anticlimatic even for me! DEE WON! I'M SECOND! AND I'M SO HAPPY, I DON'T CARE.

Final Thought If I knew all I had to do was have bad spiky hair, crazy color, and cheesy scissor tattoos, I wouldn't have tried so hard. Just kidding (not really) sort of. I'm ready to sign autographs!

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