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I Am The Future!

Why does Nicole Obert want Dee to get eliminated?

Short cut challenge

#9 Double Booked Today, we had to get to know out client and give them a whole new look that suited their personality. We had an hour and a half to transform them. So, with 45 minutes remaining Jaclyn comes in and says, "Stylists, you've been double booked, your other client is waiting in the lounge." TWINS! We had to make our clients look different based on their personalities. Kara and Rhianne were so great. They are pop singers and needed a different look. Jaclyn gave us an extra hour -- THANK GOD! Kara wanted to be Christina Aguilera blonde while Rhianne wanted to be brown. PERFECT! OH YEAH -- Jaclyn mentioned one tiny little thing.The winner of this challenge will have IMMUNITY in the next elimination, which will give the winner an automatic place in the final three! I need to win this challenge so bad! So I make Kara blonde and flat iron her straight. Rhianne goes golden brown with curls. Jose Eber is the our judge. He has nice things to say about everyone's looks. I'm so nervous!

And the winner is... NICOLE! HOLY MARY MOTHER OF JESUS! OMG! Right now, I can't sleep. Tomorrow is a big day. Daniel, Dee, or Charlie will be going home. I'm excited to know what the challenge is, but at the same time, I don't want it to end up being, "Nicole, if you didn't have immunity you would be going home." I want Dee to go home. She's nice, but she annoys the f--- out of me. She will complain about something every two minutes until she gets her way. Daniel and Charlie came to my room tonight and said, "We think Dee is going home, you can tell she's been beat down and doesn't have much more to give, the way she's been trying to style that mannequin head all night just shows her weakness and it's kind of pathetic." I don't know if I believe them. I know she's tired, we all are. But she's strong. Then again, we all are.

So, until tomorrow, until we know what the challenge is...I can only be sure of one thing... I'm in the final three and I don't have to pack! I do have to say one thing though -- I never thought I'd make it this far. I know I'm talented, but wasn't quite sure I was talented enough! It's amazing to be competing against Charlie Price, a one time winner and 5 time nominee of NAHA, Daniel Lewis, the owner of two amazing salons in Dallas, Texas, and the Queen (literally) of hair to heaven, and Dee, the Karate Kid, I'm still here. I'm the youngest one here with the least experience, but stand in the final three representing every young stylist who never thought they would make it. I am the FUTURE!

Elimination Challenge #9 This Challenge was amazing! We had to create avante garde styles based on seasons that we picked from boxes, then shoot it with celebrity photographer Michael Greico. I chose winter. The one season I absolutely did not want! I always have a hard time with "winter wonderland" fairy tales. The picture says it all. Snow got all matted in her hair and I spent most of the time trying to comb the snow.

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