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I Will Stay 'til The End

Glenn Mitchell keeps her spirits high.

Well the past two days have been total shit for me! Oscar Blandi was our guest judge. I was kinda excited to see him until he totally ripped me a new ass! I'm not used to someone not liking my work. So to hear his criticism was kinda hard! I'd really like to just erase the whole thing and move forward. Gail got kicked off last night. She was so very kind to us all, and especially to me. She said she wanted to be like me. So now everyone is making fun of me!

Saying I should have said "it is time for you to move on little grasshopper." I feel like I am the "wise" one in the house. I seem to know a lot of random shit. Anyway, back to hail! I've really got to open and clear my mind. I've got to come up with something that blows away the judges! Anyway! God give me wisdom, strength, honor, and creativity! I will stay 'til the End I will stay 'til the End I will stay 'til the End I will stay 'til the End! Today is another interview day. I really hate these days. They are long and slow. It makes me reflect on my family -- I miss them so much. I wish they could come visit! I am not going to go right back to work -- I need time with Lily when I get home. It's exciting that we are getting down to the last 2 weeks! It's the end of March and the last shoot is supposed to be like the 14th, so that's just over two weeks away. It really is going to be faster then I thought it would!

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