Just Wear A Big Hat

Just Wear A Big Hat

Rene Fris tells you the best way to choose the right color.

Would you ever cut a relatives hair?

Yes, I would, but it's not my favorite. They are worse than The Real Housewives of Orange County. They are always demanding and want it done every week. I try to pass them on to other people I trust.

How should one tell a stylist that they are not happy with their haircut?

Be straight forward. Tell them the truth. Hairstylists are always trying to learn and better themselves.

What's the best way to choose a color?

You should always go by your skin tone. If you want to do an odd color make sure it's being seen as an odd color. Make sure it's done dramatically and done on purpose and not done at home in the kitchen sink.

Which haircut was your favorite and why?

Dee was my favorite. The top was layered and gave her great lift. It gave a trendy look and was clean. It is the way I like hair to look. It was a clean, sexy, sporty look that really came across with good technical work.

If you have only 5 minutes to do your hair, what do you recommend?

Comb it flat. Put on a head band. Gel it back. Just wear a big hat.

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