My Least Favorite Challenge

My Least Favorite Challenge

Why Jaclyn Smith would stay away from most of this episode's styles.

If someone has long hair what is a great way for them to put it up and make it fancy?

Put it in a ponytail. You can braid it, and then rap it in a bun. But my recommendation is to CUT it. It is too much upkeep and there is not a lot of style you can do. Long can be good but too long isn't.

Was there an advantage for the contestants who got models with the longer hair?

I think the longer hair was harder. Long hair has too much weight -- you need to use lots of pins. I think the clients are better off cutting it to a manageable length.

What is fantasy hair?

It is something you might see on an editorial or a runway. It's not something you would wear to work. To have fantasy hair you need a great stylist.

Who stepped up during the red carpet challenge?

I liked Gail's style. It was simple and chic. You saw the girl's face before the hairstyle. I think that Gail really stepped up and I expect to see greatness from her.

Were there any surprises?

I was not overly impressed with these hairstyles. This was my least favorite of the competitions. Besides for Charlie and Gail's haircuts, I would rather stay home than wear any of the other hairstyles. From such a talented group I expected more.

What is the biggest difference with red carpet versus runway hair?

Red carpet has to be elegant and has to last the night. It has to photograph well from all angles. Most important it has to be you and you have to be comfortable with it. It also has to keep up with your image. Runway hair is eccentric and beyond your imagination.

Any parting words for Matthew?

I am sorry that it wasn't a good time for you on the show because I really enjoyed watching you work. I'm glad your wife has someone that loves her so much. I'm sorry that I missed seeing your fantastic cuts.

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