One Down, Four To Go

One Down, Four To Go

Dee Adams gets psyched about her first elimination win.


Today's challenge is so cool! We can only use natural ingredients like flour, sugar, egg whites, juices, etc. The challenge is to create a futuristic style using only 2 products. I chose egg whites and butter. I may use raspberries to add color to the hair. I'm so excited because I think I can do something that could look really cool! More to come..

Ok, so the egg whites did not harden! So my sh** did not stand! I mean it's not horrible, and not as bad as Nicole's! Anyway, let's see what the judge has to say. More to come...

Once again, I'm in the top 3! Daniel, Paulo and me. Paulo got this one. But I still haven't been on the bottom! This time Nicole lost! Hahaha!

4/2/0 This s*** just keeps getting weirder! Today was a dog challenge! We had to cut and style a dog's hair! We also had to make the owner's hair to resemble their freaking dog! Oh my God! Was I nervous! But after I started to bond with the dog, I felt a lot more comfortable. My dog's hair rocked! I gave her a really edgy cut! I just think I have a pretty good chance! Let's see what the judges have to say. More to come...

Yeah baby! Finally I got this bi***! Woof!!! Woof!!!

I am so excited that I finally won an elimination challenge! It feels so good that my work has been recognized! My model was perfect and the cut and color rocked! I will not take that for granted! I'm in this to win! Stay focused! Keep the drive! Have the passion in everything you do! Take risks and never have fear! This is your moment! PS- My hommie Nekisa is gone. Oh well. One down, four more to go! Oh by the way, Charlie and Paulo were in the bottom. Charlie's going down!

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