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Sexy, Swingy Hair 101

Kelly Atterton on how to get flirty, sexy hair.

When someone tries too hard to be sexy, it just isn't. In this week's elimination challenge, the stylists were asked to reinterpret the flirtatious, swingy hairstyles of Charlie's Angels' for modern-day clients. I thought this would be a fun and easy one, because 1) the Angels' styles were just carefree and sexy, 2) the stylists have Jaclyn Smith as a living, breathing inspiration right in front of 'em, and 3) and these kinds of styles are everywhere these days. (Hello! We're in L.A., for heaven's sake. Look around!) Instead, the styles I saw lacked the requisite sex appeal, and what we were left with were a lot of safe carbon copies of the Angels' style, without any personality. Now that I think about it, I don't think our contestants were trying to be sexy at all. Therein lied the problem.

THE ALLURE ADVANTAGE In 2008, sexy hair is shiny hair that moves. For beautiful movement, choppiness, feathers, and OD'ing on styling products are out, and fluidity is in. Chris McMillan, who cuts Jennifer Aniston's hair, loves a style that incorporates long layers. "We want long layers around the face and invisible layers in the back," he says. "We like the hair to be A-line and fuller on the bottom. The effect is movement instead of tons of volume." For added swing -- and you know you want swing -- he suggests working a shine-enhancer through your hair after blow-drying it straight with a round brush. And for a little more glossiness, quickly run a flatiron over your style. Quick, easy, sexy: I don't see what's so hard about that.

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