Short Hair Is Sexy

Short Hair Is Sexy

Rene Fris explains why you and your stylist should always be on the same page.

What did you think of the short cut challenge?

I love that challenge because I love short hair on women. It's a hard challenge for a hairdresser because women are so attached to long hair. I think short hair on women is sexy. It's really hard for a hair dresser to make a woman's short hair sexy and not masculine.

Any advice or tips for women who might want to get short hair?

Make sure you have a hairdresser that understands how to cut short hair. Make sure you and your hairdresser are on the same page (even bring in one).

Did any contestants stand out?

Charlie stood out with a strong technical hair cut.

What did you think of the elimination challenge?

I thought it was a great way to see if the stylists could handle a really tough client. I don't think anyone stood out in this challenge.

Any parting words for Parker?

I wish you the best.

Any thoughts about how you should approach a stylist with what you want opposed to what looks good?

Don't be afraid to listen to your stylist and take a chance on a new look. Know what you want before you walk in. If you want to change your look, go for it. Hair grows back.

Do you have any predictions for the rest of the competition?

Immunity is going to be important and they need to realize that this is a competition. Everyone has to stand up for themselves because it's only going to get tougher. I admire their friendship but I know they all secretly really don't want to be going home.

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