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Wig-ging Out

Dee Adams' diary entry all about the wig challenge.

3/26/08 Today we went to the beach. This challenge was right up my alley! We cut men's hair on the beach! We had to maintain the "surfer hair" and transform them with a polish color for a night out. Again I was in the top 2 (me and Nicole). Nicole got this one, but I'm not going down! I need to win tomorrow! I will win tomorrow! Powerful words for the competition. Stay focused, believe in yourself, be yourself, be confident, you are amazing, have vision, win win win!!! 3/27/08

What an amazing challenge! Today was a special day! We had the honor of meeting some extraordinary women. Our clients today have alopecia and need wigs.

After they removed their wigs we discovered that they were completely bald! Wow! I think we all got a little emotional. Some (Paulo and Nicole) more than others!

I have only worked on a few wigs, but I wasn't nervous at all. Nicole had first pick, and she picked me 2nd to last because Glenn had immunity I was ok with that, because I'm up for anything at this point.

My clients were Maura and Linda. Just like my mama! What a sweet lady! She has beautiful blue eyes so I chose a red wig to compliment her skin tone. She loved the color. The twist to this challenge was that the last 4 picked had less time. So I chose to keep the original color on the wig and focus on cut and style. I really liked what I did today, and Linda loved it too! We'll have to wait to see what the judges say. More to come...

I was safe! She that was close!

Her f****** wig was crooked! I was shitting in my pants when the judges were announcing the bottom 3. I thought for sure I would be in the bottom 3. I know that the color choice and style saved me! I made Miss and Linda look 20 years younger! Too bad I didn't use that wig tape to keep her sh*t in place. LOL! 3/28/08

So I finally got my Jump rope! Now I have some time to work out! I worked out on the balcony of the studio. We had lots of down time so I needed to release some energy. I don't care what the others think -- I need my physical activities or I'll loose my f****** mind!

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