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We Need to Be Wowed

Kim Vo explains that, at this point, the stylists are their own worst enemies. First the Shortcut Challenge — were you surprised at how the stylists did with the African American hair challenge? What are the biggest challenges with styling, especially coloring African American hair?
Brig said it best, a lot of the stylists were “culturally hair challenged,” and it definitely showed in the final results! You have to take into account texture and density to map out a successful color and style. For the Elimination, what were the judges looking for? What hairstyles most remind you of that time period?
The judges were looking for an interpretation of the party’s retro theme combined with a red carpet ready finished look. I loved how Jenine channeled Diana Ross because to me she embodies everything fabulous about hair in those decades, so disco chic! What’s important to remember in creating a red carpet look?
Sleek, smooth, and polished is always the safest bet. Hair is a part of the final look so it’s important to keep the outfit in mind. Take into consideration face shape, hair density, neck line, etc. Matthew and Brian both had root problems — was Brian’s just more egregious?
Matthew’s look captured the theme, but the roots were distracting and took away from the finished look. Brian attempted a deep root and lost it and as a result there was just too much of a disconnect. Do you think a color problem is more, less, or equal to a styling/cut issue?
Styling issues can be fixed with a nip or a tuck but as we’ve seen at some previous eliminations some color mess-ups may be irreparable and unforgivable. The competition is getting insane — what do you think could keep each of the stylists’  from claiming the big prize?
The stylists are their own worst enemies at this point. The judges are not going to accept anymore mediocre work; we need to be wowed.

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