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The Daily Dish Southern Charm New Orleans

Here’s Why Barry Smith Thinks Justin Reese Hasn’t Proposed

The Southern Charm New Orleans pal says it has absolutely nothing to do with the strength of their relationship.

By Morgan Ashley Parker
Why Is Justin Reese "Definitely Scared" to Propose to Kelsey Nichols?

On this season of Southern Charm New Orleans, we've watched Justin Reese and Kelsey Nichols move into a new home together... and discuss if marriage would be in their future.

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Personal Space caught up with Barry Smith who shared his own thoughts on Justin and Kelsey's relationship. Not only is it different from his wife Tamica Lee's blunt take, his take actually explains a fairly common trend among men pre-proposal.

"[Justin's] very goal-oriented, just like all of us. I think he really truly loves Kelsey," Barry said. "He’s trying to base it on how well he can take care of her and how many NFL clients he has, how many lawsuits he’s closed."

If that's the real reason (and not something else as discussed in the clip above), Justin's not alone. The pressure to buy the perfect engagement ring and be financially set (and emotionally mature enough) to settle down can lead many people who are in otherwise happy relationships to delay a proposal or a wedding.

Being a good friend (and welcoming ear) is important in these situations. But knowing when to show your friend some tough love — or tough logic — can be a trickier path to navigate. Even though couples nowadays are waiting longer before getting married, there will come a time where one person will say enough is enough, or set a deadline for the other.

"I love Justin, he’s like a brother to me," Barry added. "I see him every day. I tell him all the time you can’t base when you get married on your financial status or where you are in your career because you’re going to set the bar higher and higher because you’re not that person that’s complacent to just make this amount. You want to make more next year ... you’re going to keep setting the bar higher and higher. She’s just sitting there waiting and waiting."

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