Cameran Eubanks Says This Is How You Get a Baby to Sleep Through the Night

Cameran Eubanks Says This Is How You Get a Baby to Sleep Through the Night

The Southern Charm mom swears by one home product to get the job done.

By Courtney Thompson
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What Was the Crazy Advice Cameran Received Before Giving Birth?

When you’re a new mom you realize very quickly that there is one big, huge, enormous goal—and that’s to get your baby to sleep through the night. The longer you’re waking up to feed them… the longer you’re going to be a crazed, sleep-deprived zombie. So how do we get those sweet, hungry babes to sleep for a 10-hour stretch? Well, according to Southern Charm mom Cameran Eubanks, the answer is a sound machine. (Catch up on Southern Charm here!)

“Some of y’all know I was a drill seargent about sleep training Palmer so I’m going to give y’all some tips,” said Cameran in a recent Instagram story. “Before I had Palmer I read a book called 'Moms on Call' that was written by two nurses who have a ton of kids between them and they said one of the best things you can do to sleep train your baby is put a sound machine in the room.”

And not just any sound machine! Cameran swears by the Hatch Baby Rest, a night light, sound machine and time-to-rise device that you can control from your phone. “This was given to me as a gift before I had Palmer and it’s the best thing ever,” said Cameran during the ad. “I have given it as a gift many times ever since, it is a lifesaver!”

The machine’s selling points? For one, it can play lullabies, enabling a bedtime routine for the baby each night — dim lights + lullabye = sleepy time, baby! “It’s the best thing we ever did for Palmer’s sleep,” raved Cameran. Ready to get on the sleep train with Cameran? Shop the Hatch Rest below, and check out our review of the brand's smart changing pad here!


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