Why Did Craig Conover Buy a Pre-Engagement Ring for Girlfriend Naomie Olindo?

Why Did Craig Conover Buy a Pre-Engagement Ring for Girlfriend Naomie Olindo?

The #SouthernCharm star reveals why he's not ready to officially propose just yet.

This season of Southern Charm, we're getting to know #NewCraig, a Craig Conover that has a job with Gentry Hospitality Group, has settled down with his girlfriend Naomie Olindo... and is ring shopping?! Yes, you read that correctly. We saw Craig enlist the help of Cameran Eubanks to help him shop around for a pre-engagement ring for his new boo during Monday night's episode of Southern Charm. 

But don't think this sign of commitment means Craig is rushing into things with Naomie. In fact, it's quite the opposite. "We want to do everything right," Craig said of why he decided to buy a pre-engagement ring for Naomie before officially proposing during an interview with Bravotv.com. "And yes, it's been a fast-moving relationship, but we're smart enough to recognize that. Even though we don't foresee anything bad happening, we've only been together for a year, so why rush anything?"

Craig wanted the pre-engagement ring to make it clear to Naomie that he does intend to marry her someday. "I did want to give her something that symbolizes how I feel about her and that she can wear around with her. I know that she wanted the same thing," he said. "It's kind of like a fun teaser."

Craig said he thinks some people in the south rush into an engagement, either because they feel pressured by the culture to do so or they want to show off their engagement rings to their friends on social media. However, Craig and Naomie both know people who are getting divorced at the age of 24 "because they haven't lived yet," he said. "We didn't have anything to prove to anyone, I guess. The only reason I would have gotten an engagement ring was to satisfy other people," Craig said. "For Naomie and I, we're so close and connected that now we get to turn the proposal into two fun happenings instead of just one." 

We certainly can't argue with that.

Check out more of #NewCraig in action this season of Southern Charm, below.

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