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David's GoalSponsors Progress

David can't believe how far he's come since he first demoed GoalSponsors.

Right now I'm in the throes of building a start-up from nothing into something. Appcelerator continues to be very helpful in supporting me, and I continue to be grateful for all their help. I must say, though, that watching myself as I'm getting my app together, I think I look horrible (LOL), but also I am amazed realizing how far I've come.

When I first demoed my product to Appcelerator, I was pretty embarrassed, because I knew I had a ton of work left. There were "TO DO" indicators all over the place. Now I look at the same app and reflect on how far it's come. I now have a healthy number of users, especially considering how new the app is, and every day I get feedback on how I can improve the app.

I want to say more about this, but given that I said so much last week about it, and there's some big stuff that's going to happen in the last couple episodes of the season, I'm going to hold off and instead say some stuff about the whole Ben/Hermione/Sarah/Ashley situation.

I wasn't there for that crazy moment to unfold, but I heard it was insane, so watching it happen on TV the heat of the moment didn't surprise me, but it certainly captivated me! I'll be frank. Sarah probably didn't need to tell Ashley what Ben told her (if he did indeed tell her that), because all it did was hurt Ashley. Nevertheless, if Ben is dating two people at the same time without being transparent to each of them, that's probably not a great thing to do to either of them.For once I wasn't the cause of the drama, i.e. I didn't bring up someone's "date-cheating" or bring a strap-on to their gathering, LOL! So it's nice to take a break and watch it unfold without being in the heat of it.

All this said, I've got a lot of planned for GoalSponsors and Sarah and Hermione very well may be involved, so if there's an explosion to occur, well, it's probably going to be unavoidable for me to be involved this time around... We'll see!

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