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No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

David explains why he didn't ask for money at Sarah's TalkBubble event.

By David Murray

There is definitely a storm brewing, and I'm right in the middle of it! (And I'm not talking about running away from zombies!)

Hermione and Sarah aren't only competing in business -- they're also competing with boy-toys! Now let me break this down: Sarah is my friend, Jay is my friend, and Hermione and Ben are indeed my friends as well (yes, seriously). Sarah wants Jay, Hermione wants Jay, I think I have a man-crush on Jay too (haha), and Jay just wants to play video games. Meanwhile, Ben wants Sarah, Sarah... wants Ben...? Certainly others out there want Ben (as you probably saw in the preview after Episode 1). Of course, Hermione doesn't want Ben to want Sarah, and all I want is for people to not fight and have this whole thing explode in my face. This is either a complicated soap opera or the tales of 7th grade homeroom (maybe a bit of both?!) I'll tell you that my gut has said from the beginning that Jay really isn't all that into Sarah, but she has to find out the hard way (Sarah might slap me for saying that, but hey, I think it's the reality....) So yes, a huge storm is definitely brewing... and you can probably understand how this whole thing might end with a drink in the face... and that's when everything just SPIRALS DOWNHILL. Ugh!

But enough personal drama; let's talk business. I do owe Sarah for letting me speak at her BubbleTank event, but I must say it was a bit awkward being the only person not asking for a big fat check. So yeah, that whole thing... I have to answer a question I know a lot of you have: if you're broke, why aren't you trying to raise money for GoalSponsors?

Well, there's no such thing as a free lunch, ladies and gentlemen. If you receive money, you give away control, and often times that's the beginning of the end. The truth is that I want GoalSponsors to be a success, and the only hands I can see it being in are in those of folks who know what it's like to struggle through big personal goals like weight loss. I think the only situation in which I'd take money is a situation in which I saw no other alternative. Until then, I'm going to find a way for this company to make money for itself and by itself!

I can tell you that if I spent as much time as Ben and Hermione raising money, I'd have no time to actually build my product. They are fortunate to have the luxury of hiring out a team to build their product (although I know they're very involved in that process). As for me, I'm building everything myself, and I'm even doing all the customer support work myself. Don't believe me? Get the GoalSponsors app and send some feedback and just see who responds (and how long it takes you to get a response). Spoiler alert: it will be me and it will not take much time. I really am interested in building a real business and helping real people succeed in achieving their personal goals, and I'm not in it to get super-rich, unlike most businesspeople in the valley. I just want to make a positive impact on the world and feel like my life has meaning. And if you thought reality TV could never be a path to getting there, well, you'd be wrong!

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