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S1 - E1

Ep 1: Starting Up

Welcome to Silicon Valley, the epicenter of innovation and entrepreneurialism. In their new home dubbed “The Villa,” British transplants Ben and Hermione Way celebrate their new start-up venture by throwing an over-the-top Toga party. David Murray and Sarah Austin do their best to get ready by spray tanning and strategizing how Sarah will interact with her best friend turned nemesis, Hermione. Meanwhile, Dwight Crow and Kim Taylor decide to skip out on the party early and go to a fellow engineer’s birthday party where Dwight proceeds to drink everything in sight while solving complex algorithms. Ben and Hermione are up early the next morning to pitch their start-up idea to one of Silicon Valley’s most prominent investors and ask for a half million dollars in funding. But after a late night of drinking and partying, will they be prepared to win over a benefactor?
Aired: 11/05/2012