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S1 - E2

Baring It All

The dancers will learn all about overcoming their fears and discovering their sexuality in this second episode of "Step It Up & Dance." After watching the legendary burlesque performer, Cati Jean and her dance troupe L'effleur Des Sens, the dancers must pair up and perform a choreographed "Apache Tango," a highly dramatic, erotic and aggressive dance associated with Parisian street culture. Cati Jean is joined by the famous Carolina Cerisola from 40 Deuce, and the two serve as guest judges. This first performance however, just serves as the initial "audition." Jean and Cerisola break the pairs into two teams - one team will dance for the "call back" and a chance to perform with L'effleur Des Sens; the other will be dancing to stay in the competition. Each of the teams will have to dance in "Apache" style as a group in front of a live audience. One dancer will be declared the winner, and another dancer will take their final bow.

Aired: 04/10/2008